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Hi. This picture is of my wife Doris and me. It was taken 4/00 at a really cool place to visit-- Zion National Park in Utah. Being with her is a true adventure, I learn from her. We have more adventures planned. Feel free to join us via the web...:) Brad & Doris

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Brad 2/21/01

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Many are biographical and introductory. Be sure to visit my new pages for a look at international and national forums. Or view web photo albums at Skypost. Another takes you to my new blog site - knowingsquat. Other links enable visitors to join a large and diverse community of people taking virtual trips with Doris and me.

Be sure to check out the Education link where you will find Mr. Tatum's classroom link and other interests including my old Polaris links -- an older site where you will find commentary and tools on Searching the Web, Education, Politics, Technology, and Miscellaneous Items. This site uses the Polaris or North Star theme. The other links are biographical and introductory. Thanks for sharing in our lives ... share a bit of yours in the various guest books.

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